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Below is a series of pictures of the process of making and producing the Chess Pieces.


Can you tell what it is yet? Starting off with a lump of clay.

Getting the height and width correct on the clay model (King)

Roughing out (King)

Working on the detail (King)

Working on the detail on the back (King)

Starting to paint the latex on (King)

Initial stages of making the latex mould (King)

Starting the latex (Berserker)

Close up of the latexing

Completing the latexing (Berserker)

Working on the fibreglass mould (King)

Making the rear fibreglass section of the King mould

Making the front section of the fibreglass mould (King). Older version of King can be seen.

Fibreglass mould complete for the Queen

Fibreglass mould for King complete

New King mould complete with bolts

New Queen mould with bolts

Inside the latex mould (Queen)

Queen mould filled with plaster (Herculite) to make a master cast.

Queen mould ready for filling with concrete

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